Welcome to MultiCom eCommerce network

A global sales network that brings the world to your brand.

MultiCom is an Omnichannel eCommerce network that enables your brand to gain massive global reach and boost sales, organically!

Simple, No code, 2 click integration with your existing platform.

Get real-time analytics, reports & a simple management console.

Quick review process, Auto-sync functionality and much more...

What MultiCom stands for?

We enable Ecommerce brands of all sizes and types to reach a global audience and boost sales by default.

We have understood that no single platform or service exists that allows brands to reach a global audience by default, in a ever connected world, reaching audiences on a global scale should not require money, an equal opportunity for every brand is necessary to level the playing field and give the power to users to choose what they want to buy, instead of buying what is shown to them.

Increase Brand Value

Showcase your brand to a global audience thus increasing your brand value.

Improve Brand Recall

Your products can become a go-to brand for an entire product category for a massive audience.

Customers + loyalty = profit

Have your existing customers order back from you for rewards and offers..

What do I get?

You get exactly what your business needs.

global reach

No restrictions on reach, your brand is discoverable to everyone.

Hot Traffic

Get informed, interested and purchase ready customers visiting your store.


More Visitors = More Sales. MultiCom drives traffic hence increasing your overall conversion.


Scale your business to the level you have dreamed of, MultiCom helps you reach your true potential.

What to Expect?

How does my brand benefit from multiCom?

These for starters and much more going forward.

get Searched & Discovered

Make your products searched and discovered by a global audience.

Get Global Reach

Audiences from around the globe can view your products, collections, offers, and so much more.

Get Hot Traffic

Get referrals to your store, product pages, collection pages and articles.

Social Sharing

Your products, collections & articles may be shared by users across their social networks.

Receive Orders

Letting users directly checkout on your store, we play no part in it, except for facilitating the sale.

Order Tracking

Keeps your customers informed about their order's status and ETA.

Returns Management

Manage return requests while communicating with the customer directly.

Offer Availment

Your offers reach potential buyers that wouldn't otherwise, win-win for both parties.

Direct Messages

Communicate to your existing and prospective customers without any hassles.

How to Join MultiCom?

Join MultiCom's early bird Pilot program

MultiCom is being built as we speak, you can register your interest and get your hands on MultiCom in it’s Pilot, and experience the next level of growth & scale first hand before your competition does.

Free for Early Adopters

No subscription charges for the first 1000 brands for 2 years.

Integration Support

We do the integration for you, while you sip your coffee in peace.

Access to all features

No restrictions, in fact you get access to new features foremost.

Get Featured

We Feature all 1000 brands who trust us to show our gratitude.


You must fulfill all requirements to be eligible to apply and be accepted in MultiCom.

Online Storefront

You must have a well-designed online storefront where you have products to be sold to a wide range of audiences, the storefront must be accessible on the public web without any restrictions(password), and the store must be completely set up to manage checkouts/payments, returns, and fulfillments.

MultiCom Exclusive Discount

MultiCom Offers discounts on all products on its platform, hence you must be willing to provide an exclusive, sitewide, never-ending discount for all customers without any usage limits, minimum requirements, or geological restrictions.

Quality products & Service

The Products you sell must be o good quality and you must provide exceptionally fast and good customer support, every brand's store along with its products, collections, etc. are verified for quality, failure to meet this requirement can lead to account suspension.

How we work

Our Business Workflow

You Integrate with MultiCom

A couple of clicks get the integration done, the rest is done magically by our technology.

We Review Everything

Our 3 step review process ensures everything meets our guidelines.

You Get Apporved

Upon our discretion, once your brand is approved, you are notified via email.

You start getting Reach & Traffic

MultiCom displays your products, collections, offers, etc. to consumers around the globe. 

Growth & Scale

We provide the help & support your business needs so it can grow and scale in the long term.

Features & Benefits

Real time Stats

Be informed in real-time about everything that is happening with your business at MultiCom.

24-Hour issue resolution

Your issues are addressed & resolved within 24 hours without impacting your core business.

Community Benefits

Become a member of our community, join forces with other brands to excel and grow.

24/7 Chat support

We're here to address any of your issues and resolve them as fast as possible.

Super fast Console

MultiCom ensured you get things done without losing a lot of time waiting for the console to respond.

Auto-Sync Functionality

Once you integrate with MultiCom, our Auto-Sync technology keeps all the data in sync, all the time.

One Click Re-Sync

In case you think your recent changes weren't synced, simply press the resync button and it'll be processed.

One click-Unpublishing

Manage your products, collections, articles, offers, and brands easily, publish or unpublish them with one click.


Integrate with MultiCom

Choose your platform and install the app, we take care of the rest.

available in Beta

Seamlessly integrate with Shopify along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Shopify along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with PrestaShop along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Etsy along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Weebly along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Amazon along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with OpenCart along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with eBay along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Square along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Squarespace along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Wix along with our auto-sync functionality.

Coming soon

Seamlessly integrate with Magento along with our auto-sync functionality.

Tired of the rising cost of customer acquisition?

Join MultiCom as a brand by installing our Shopify app.

Install the MultiCom shopping app to your Android device.

Sales channels

How MultiCom Provides?

MultiCom is a Omni-Channel Ecommerce network, meaning, we use every possible means and method possible to bring you the reach, traffic and sales to set you up for success.

available in Beta
MultiCom Discovery

Makes discovering your products and offers a breeze, get hot traffic & boost sales.

Coming soon
MultiCom Direct

Receive paid orders from MultiCom directly and ship just like you do.

Coming soon
MultiCom Cashback

Boost sales by offering cashback to a global audience.

Coming soon
MultiCom Influence

Deploy global Influencer campaigns, while being informed on results in real-time.

Coming soon
MultiCom Affiliate

Let an army of affiliates drive traffic to your store, while you track results in real time.

Coming soon
MultiCom Wholesale

Sell bulk quantities to retailers at a discounted price, move more inventory.

Coming soon
MultiCom Dropship

Let other businesses sell your products on their website, receive paid orders and ship the product to their customers, win-win.

Coming soon
MultiCom Resell

Let individuals sell your products, you receive paid orders with shipping information.

Coming soon
MultiCom Auction

Let people bid on your exquisite and limited quantity products to gain the most revenue of each sale.

Coming soon
MultiCom PickUp

Receive paid orders online, customers pick up items from your store.

Coming soon
MultiCom Gifts

Send and receive gifts to/from your loved ones easily.

Coming soon
MultiCom Donate

Let people from around the globe, donate your products to the one's in need.



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